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             Terms of use

1. About this website

1.1)You must not republish any content that is on this website.

2.1)You must not reproduce any content that is on this website.

3.1)You must not use any content of this website for commercial use.

4.1)Only with our written  consent are you allowed to use content of this website for any purpose.

5.1)All content of this website belongs to Nordic Captures.

2. Delivery of content to clients

2.1)The client must inform us within a period of 14 days after the delivery of the content for any editing changes.

2.2)We are allowed to use for our own marketing and competitions any of the content that we have taken for clients.

2.3)At Nordic Captures we always try to deliver the content we produced for our clients as fast as possible. We have the right to deliver them up to 14 workings days since the day that the photoshoot occured.

2.4)After the content has been delivered, completed and accepted any extra requirements from the client will have an extra charge.


3.1)For every client we keep their pictures for maximum period of 1 year since the date the pictures have been delivered to them. It's the clients responsibility to save copies of the pictures.

3.2)During a photoshoot/workshop we don't take responsibilty for any damages or injures that may occur to any of our clients/workshop participants. We neither take any responsibilites for any damage our client/workshop participant may make.

3.Contact information

For further information you are invited to contact us at 

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